8 Pack (A): 4 Reese's / 4 Nutella

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  • 8 Pack (A): 4 Reese's / 4 Nutella
  • 8 Pack (A): 4 Reese's / 4 Nutella
  • 8 Pack (A): 4 Reese's / 4 Nutella

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Our Everyday Protein DOUGHnut is for those who love DOUGHnuts and want to be able to incorporate one into an everyday diet. The macros on this DOUGHnut allows you to do so. We give you enough glaze and toppings to make sure you are staying within "moderation". We strongly believe that everyone is allowed to eat whatever it is that they want, but just in moderation. Our Everyday Protein DOUGHnuts allows you to really have the ability to eat one or two, EVERY day. Why have a protein bar when you can have TWO @DOUGHbarDOUGHnuts?

Our doughnuts arrive at your door plain and separated from our original, homemade toppings and glaze (see pictures below). 

Included is: 

4 x cups of Nutella Glaze, 4 x cups of Kit Kat Crumbles

4 x cups of Reese's Glaze, 4 x cups of Mini Chocolate Chips


- Nutella Glaze w/ Kit Kat Crumbles:

Cal- 78 / Fat – 2g / Carbs – 15g / Sugar – 15g / Protein – 0g


- Reese's PB glaze w/ mini chocolate chips

Cal- 65 / Fat – 1g / Carbs – 14g / Sugar – 14g / Protein – 0g



Nutritional Facts for the DOUGHnut only are:
 Cal Fat Carbs Fiber Sugar Protein
150 4g 16g 2g 3g 11g

*Nutritional facts - Subject to change as we improve and change recipes*

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