[LIMITED] 4 Pack - Pumpkin Cake Base + Peanut Brittle (GF)

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Have your CAKE DOUGHnut and eat it too! Our highly anticipated Cake DOUGHnuts are now available! Still baked, NOT fried and packed with 12g of protein (including the hole), our new CAKE DOUGHnuts are a completely different doughnut from our RAISED DOUGHnuts. Boasting a delicious fried doughnut flavor with a cake-y texture, this DOUGHnut will tackle any sweet tooth!

GLUTEN FREE: Although our new CAKE DOUGHnuts are gluten free, they are manufactured in a facility that produces wheat.

Our doughnuts arrive at your door plain and separated from our original, homemade toppings and glaze (see pictures below).

Our glazes now come in New Easy Squeeze packets! We've formulated our new glaze so there’s no need to warm them! They are best kept in the freezer for lasting freshness.


Included is: 

4 x Pumpkin Cake Doughnuts, 4 x packets of Peanut Butter Glaze, 4 x  packets of Peanut Brittle

Macros -

Caramel Glaze & Toppings ONLY:

 Cal Fat Carbs Fiber Sugar Protein
1g 13g 0g 11g 0g


Pumpkin  Cake Doughnut Macros Only

 Cal Fat Carbs Fiber Sugar Protein
10g 24g 1g 14g 14g

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