‼️Limited‼️4 Pack - @JunkBanter Pack

$ 16.00 

  • ‼️Limited‼️4 Pack - @JunkBanter Pack
  • ‼️Limited‼️4 Pack - @JunkBanter Pack
  • ‼️Limited‼️4 Pack - @JunkBanter Pack
  • ‼️Limited‼️4 Pack - @JunkBanter Pack

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We've partnered with someone who knows their stuff when it comes to "Junk Food"... @JunkBanter has given us his top four flavors (and of course he picks the most "junkiest" flavors we got) as we put them together in one LIMITED variety pack... One of these includes a "remix" of our Reese's PB glaze. He decided to switch things up and add mini PB cups instead of mini chocolate chips! This remix Reese's is available ONLY in this LIMITED @JunkBanter's top four flavors pack!

Huge thanks to Chris (@JunkBanter) for partnering up with this month. He's helped us with picking a non-profit organization to donate a portion of our sales to. This month we are proudly donating to the National MS Society. A portion of each sale (NOT limited to just this LIMITED pack) will be donated under BOTH The Dough Bar and @JunkBanter's name. To learn more, visit our "Giving Back" tab! Thanks!

Included is: 

1 x 0.5oz cup of Cinnamon Glaze, 1 x 0.5oz cup of Cinnamon Toast Crunch

 1 x 0.5oz cup of Cocoa Cookie Butter Glaze, 1 x 0.5oz cup of crushed Oreos and Chips Ahoy Cookies.

1 x 0.5oz cup of Nutella Glaze, 1 x 0.5oz cup of Kit Kat Crumbles

1 x 0.5oz cup of Reese's PB glaze, 1 x cup of Mini PB Cups


-Apple Pie Glaze and Toppings ONLY:

Cal- 49 / Fat – 1g / Carbs – 10g / Sugar – 6g / Protein – 0g

- Cocoa Cookie Butter Glaze and Toppings ONLY:

Cal- 41 / Fat – 1g / Carbs – 8g / Sugar – 4g / Protein – 0g

Nutella w/ Kit Kat Crumbles : 

Cal- 50  / Fat – 2g / Carbs – 8g / Sugar – 7g / Protein – 0g

- Reese's PB Glaze and Mini PB Cups:

Cal- 58 / Fat – 2g / Carbs – 9g / Sugar – 8g / Protein – 1g

Nutritional Facts for the DOUGHnut only are:

Cal- 150 / Fat - 4g / Carbs - 16g / Fiber 2 / Sugar - 3g / Protein - 11g

*Nutritional facts - Subject to change as we improve and change recipes*

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