Whoopie Pie + Doughnut Bundle

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*SHIPPING: ALL Whoopie Pie orders (with or without doughnuts) will ship Thursday, October 10th

V2.1 is our last version (version 2.0) but now comes in TWO new flavors. Along with our Funfetti cakes, we've added two new flavors to our lineup: Pumpkin Spice, and Cinnamon Apple! THESE WILL SELL OUT!!!

ūüėĪ If version 2.1 does just as good as the other versions, we'll add these Protein Packed Whoopie Pies to our menu as a staple item!¬†

The first ever product coming out of our Prototype Lab: our brand new, protein packed Whoopie Pies! Limited quantities available, so act FAST! This version and flavor of our protein packed Whoopie Pie is Gluten Free. Made in a facility that processes wheat.                                                      


One whoopie pie consists of two whoopie pie cakes packaged plain individually, along with one cream packet.

Included is: 

ÔĽŅ1 - 8pk Variety ( 4 Cake Doughnuts & 4 Raised):

Each pack comes with 8 DOUGHnuts with the following flavors:

Raised - 1 x packet of Blueberry Glaze, 1 x Cinnamon Streusel Crunch

Raised - 1 x packet of Churro Glaze, 1 x Cinnamon Sugar

Raised - 1 x packet of Cookie Monster Glaze, 1 x Chips Ahoy Crumble

Raised - 1 x packet of Birthday Cake Glaze, 1 x NonPareil Sprinkles

Cake - 1 x packet of Dulce De Leche Glaze, 1 x Heath Bar Bits

Cake - 1 x packet of Red Velvet Glaze, 1 x Yogurt Chips

Cake - 1 x packet of Reese's Glaze, 1 x Mini Chocolate Chips

Cake - 1 x packet of Nutella Glaze, 1 x Kit Kat Crumbles


12 x Funfetti Cakes, 6 x Packets of Vanilla Cream

12 x Pumpkin Spice Cakes, 6 x Packets of Vanilla Cream

12 x Cinnamon Apple Cakes, 6 x Packets of Vanilla Cream

Macros for Pumpkin Spice Whoopie Pies + Cream
Cal Fat Carbs Fiber Sugar Protein
243 11g 25 0 17 11g
Macros for Cinnamon Apple Whoopie Pies + Cream
Cal Fat Carbs Fiber Sugar Protein
250 11g 26 0 18 11g

Macros for Funfetti Whoopie Pies + Cream

Cal Fat Carbs Fiber Sugar Protein
250 11g 26 0 18 11g


*Nutritional facts - Subject to change as we improve and change recipes*

What is the Protein Packed Prototype Lab?

Our Protein Packed Prototypes are super limited test runs on new, tasty protein treats, so we can gauge whether we should take them to the next level!

If you make a purchase from our lab, you're acknowledging this is version 2 of a new product in first form. As you'll be some of the first to try it, your feedback will help us shape the final product and we'll offer you a steep discount on the next version!

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