Protein Packed - Small Batch Exclusives

In the first week of every month, we’re releasing one time only, totally unique, small batch, protein packed treats! Unlike our prototype treats that we ask for feedback on to bring to our new menu permanently, our small batch items are a one and done deal. That means once they’re gone, they're gone!

September 2020: SOLD OUT

1. Chocolate Chip Sea Salt Cookie
2. Pumpkin Snickerdoodle Rolls
3. Peanut butter chocolate Whoopie Pies
4. Warm Apple Pie Monkey Bread

What's the difference between the Small Batch and your other lines of products? Great question, let us explain! 

Our Staple Items include 4 products (Raised and Cake doughnuts, Monkey Bread, Pastry Rolls) which will ALWAYS be on our all times!

Our Protein Packed Prototypes are different in the fact that these are ideas that we're not 100% ready to bring to our Staple menu, BUT we want to get your feedback, improve and eventually make available all the time!

Our Small Batch Exclusives products will be a variety of brand new treats to limited edition flavors to any of our products! Again, we're stressing the importance to order FAST if you want to try, due to the fact that we're only making ONE BATCH of these limited edition goodies every month!