Protein Packed Prototypes

Our Protein Packed Prototypes are super limited test runs on new, tasty protein treats, so we can gauge whether we should take them to the next level! If you happen to snag one of the limited quantity treats we release, please give us feedback!

Past Prototypes: 

Our first Protein Packed Prototype: Gluten Free Whoopie Pies!   


The second product, now a staple item: Monkey Bread


The Third Protein Packed Prototype, now a staple item: Pastry Rolls

The Fourth Protein Packed Prototype, currently in the lab for Version 2: Protein Mini Cakes


The fifth Protein Packed Prototype, Version 2: Cream Filled Cupcakes



The 6th Protein Packed Prototype - Version 1 available now: Protein Packed Waffles