About The Dough Bar

Who We Are and Our Vision...

When we started this company in April of 2015, we admit that our motives were a little selfish. :) Why? Because we were getting tired of the protein bars and shakes on the market that offered great nutrition, but very little taste. Most protein products didn't provide the satisfying feeling of eating "real" food. So, in Ondrea's 600 square foot apartment, we decided to start experimenting with one of our favorite sweet treats: DOUGHNUTS.

As soon as we created a recipe we were proud to share with the world, our vision for The Dough Bar took shape. Yes, we'd been dating 1 year and decided to start our own company! We wanted to give health conscious folks an alternative option to devilishly sweet treats in a macro friendly, protein packed form. We are so happy to have created multiple products to treat our incredible customers.

With backgrounds in health care and social work, we are sincerely passionate about supporting the health and well being of others. Combining our love of sweet treats, staying active, and connecting with cool people, we've built relationships with some incredible athletes (and darn good human beings) in the health and fitness community. 

The Dough Bar is our platform to help others, whether it be our customers or employees. We love people, and this company is about more than "making the dough" to us. 

We want to display and foster a spirit of sincere celebration among the community of our customers. There are so many inspirational stories we've come across in such a short amount of time already - it's a blessing, and we want to share that joy with as many people as possible. We love y'all! 

Marquez & Ondrea

& NOW Wild Toddler, Mason <3